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From racionālists (rationalist) +‎ -e (fem.).


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racionāliste f (5th declension, masculine form: racionālists)

  1. (philosophy) (female) rationalist (a supporter or advocate of rationalism)
  2. (female) rationalist (a woman who acts rationally, showing a reasoned attitude toward reality, based on logics, reason and thought)
    mēs ar darugu esam dažādi attiecībās ar finansēm, es esmu racionāliste (taupīgais tips), bet viņš ir izšķērdētājsmy (boy)friend and I are different in relation to finances, I am a rationalist (the economical type), and he is a waster (of money)
  3. (architecture) (female) rationalist (architect who follows the school of rationalism)
  4. (art) (female) rationalist (artist whose creative work is characterized by rationalism)


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