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rain +‎ maker


rainmaker (plural rainmakers)

  1. A Native American medicine man who induces rain by rituals.
  2. A person who induces rainfall through scientific methods, such as cloud seeding.
  3. (figuratively) An employee of a company who creates a large amount of unexpected business, consistently brings in money at critical times, or brings in markedly more money than his or her co-workers, thereby "floating their salaries".
  4. (figuratively) An executive or lawyer with exceptional ability to attract clients, use political connections, or increase profits, etc.
    The president has several rainmakers among his advisers.
  5. (figuratively) An investor in sick or start-up business ventures.
  6. (baseball, informal) A batted ball that is hit very high into the air.
    The slugger is known for hitting rainmakers.


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