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From an earlier adjective *raupus (yielding two parallel forms, a yo-stem form that became standard raupjš and an o-stem form that yielded the archaic noun raups), from the o-grade form *roup- of Proto-Indo-European *reup-, *rūp-, *rup- (to pull, to tear, to break) (from the *rup- form comes the adjective rupjš, q.v.), from the stem *reu- (to peel, to pluck, to dig). The semantic evolution was probably “to pluck, to tear (e.g., wool, feathers)” > (adj.) “uneven, harsh” (skin, after removing wool, feathers) > “harsh, rugged.”.[1]


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raupjš (definite raupjais, comparative raupjāks, superlative visraupjākais, adverb raupji)

  1. rough, harsh, uneven, rugged (having an irregular, not smooth, harsh surface)
    raupjas rokasharsh, rough, hardened hands
    raupja mizarough, harsh bark
  2. (of fabric, cloth) rough (not soft)
    raupja segarough blanket
    šis raupjais kokvilnas palagsthese rough cotton sheets
  3. (of hair, fur, plants) hard, coarse, not soft
    raupji matihard, coarse hair
  4. (of people, their behavior, appearance) simple, not subtle, not refined, not sophisticated
    mūsu tautas zemnieciski raupjajās un naivajās pasakās visur ir daiļi cilvēkiin our people's rustic, rough and naive tales, there are beautiful people everywhere
  5. (of people, their behavior, appearances) harsh, rugged, impolite (without empathy or affection; expressing lack of empathy or affection)
    stringrs un raupjš gan arī esot priekšsēdētājsthe chairman was apparently also strict and harsh
    raupji vaibstiharsh (facial) features
  6. (of words, speech) rough, offensive, indecent
    karstu dusmu šļākumam raupji vārdi seko(after) the gushing of hot anger, rough, offensive words followed
  7. (rare, of raindrops, hail) big, large
    tik negants vējš, un nakts, un tumsa, un raupjām lāsēm lietus līstsuch furious wind, and night, and darkness, and the rain is falling in big (rain)drops




Derived terms[edit]


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