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ri- (re-) +‎ fare (to do, make)


rifare (transitive)

  1. to redo; to do again
    rifare una paseggiatato take another walk (literally, “do a walk again”)
    rifare un'esameto redo an exam
    rifare la stradato traverse the same street again
  2. to remake
  3. to reconstruct (with plastic surgery)
  4. to provoke (a physical sensation) again
  5. to inflict (damage, pain, etc.) on again
  6. to renovate (something damaged, destroyed, etc.); to restore
  7. to buy again or another
    con questi nuovi soldi, possiamo rifare la tavola
    with this new money, we can buy another table
  8. to cook again, using a different cooking technique
    rifare il lesso sulla bracieto recook the boiled meat on the grill
  9. to put back in order; to reorganize
    rifare la cucinato reorganize the kitchen
  10. to imitate (someone or something)
    ho rifatto il verso dell'uccelloI imitated the bird's verse
  11. to reelect or renominate
  12. to make (someone or something) become; to regive (someone or something) (a characteristic); to make again
    quell'esito lo rifece fiduciosothat result gave him back his confidence (literally, “made him confident again”)
  13. (ditransitive) (with inf.) to compel or force again
    mi ha rifatto salire le scale
    he made me go up the stairs again
  14. to compensate
    rifarla delle perditeto compensate her for her losses
  15. (rare) to educate


Derived terms[edit]





  1. First-person singular (yo) future subjunctive form of rifar.
  2. Formal second-person singular (usted) future subjunctive form of rifar.
  3. Third-person singular (él, ella, also used with usted?) future subjunctive form of rifar.