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rosca f (plural roscas)

  1. screw thread
  2. any ring-shaped pastry
  3. (slang) anus



Probably from a Germanic source *rothsko (spinning object), from *rotha (wheel), from Proto-Indo-European *Hret- (to roll), though a Celtiberian or another a pre-Roman substrate of Iberia language is possible.


rosca f (plural roscas)

  1. doughnut, bagel
  2. doughnut-shaped object
  3. screw thread
  4. (soccer) Curl. Arc-shaped trajectory of the ball through the air. This technique, requiring a certain level of skill, is usually used when trying to score. The purpose is to either get around a defender, to trick the goalkeeper, or to score from a very tight angle (from on or near the byline).
    En el minuto seis Falcao ha marcado con un gran disparo de rosca por la escuadra.
    In the 6th minute, Falcao scored with a great curled shot for the team.

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