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Tagalog cardinal numbers
 <  9 10 11  > 
    Cardinal : sampu
    Ordinal : ikasampu

Alternative forms[edit]


From sampuo / sampuwo, from older sampúlo, ultimately from Proto-Austronesian *sa-ŋa-puluq (ten). Compare Ilocano sangapulo, Bikol Central sampulo, Malay sepuluh, Bima sampuru, and Hawaiian anahulu (period of ten days). By surface analysis, sam- +‎ pu, literally one ten.


  • Hyphenation: sam‧pu
  • IPA(key): /samˈpuʔ/, [sɐmˈpuʔ]
  • (file)


sampû (Baybayin spelling ᜐᜋ᜔ᜉᜓ)

  1. ten
    Synonym: diyes

Usage notes[edit]

  • To describe the quantity of something, the number is placed before the noun and affixed with the (-ng) enclitic suffix when the word ends with a vowel or with the "na" preposition for those ending in a consonant.
    Isang saging, dalawang pinya
    Apat na mansanas, anim na mangga

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