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From saule(sun) +‎ -ains.


saulains (def. saulainais, comp. saulaināks, sup. vissaulainākais; adv. saulaini)

  1. (weather) sunny (such as when the sun shines and there are relatively few or no clouds)
    saulains rīts‎ ― sunny morning
    saulaina vasara‎ ― sunny summer
    saulains laiks‎ ― sunny weather
  2. sunny (often exposed to sunshine, characterized by sunshine)
    saulaina zeme‎ ― sunny land
    saulains dzīvoklis‎ ― sunny apartment
  3. (of colors) sunny (light, bright tone, yellowish)
    saulainas krāsas‎ ― sunny colors
    saulainas tapetes‎ ― sunny wallpaper
  4. (figuratively) sunny (kindhearted, cheerful, sincere)
    viņa ir labsirdīgas, saulainas dabas‎ ― she has a kind-hearted, sunny nature
    saulains skatiens‎ ― sunny (= kindhearted, cheerful, optimistic) look
  5. (figuratively) sunny (optimistic, positive, happy, promising)
    saulains garastāvoklis‎ ― sunny (= positive, optimistic) mood
    saulaina nākotne‎ ― sunny future


Derived terms[edit]