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From saule (sun) +‎ -ains.


saulains (definite saulainais, comparative saulaināks, superlative vissaulainākais, adverb saulaini)

  1. (weather) sunny (such as when the sun shines and there are relatively few or no clouds)
    saulains rītssunny morning
    saulaina vasarasunny summer
    saulains laikssunny weather
  2. sunny (often exposed to sunshine, characterized by sunshine)
    saulaina zemesunny land
    saulains dzīvoklissunny apartment
  3. (of colors) sunny (light, bright tone, yellowish)
    saulainas krāsassunny colors
    saulainas tapetessunny wallpaper
  4. (figuratively) sunny (kindhearted, cheerful, sincere)
    viņa ir labsirdīgas, saulainas dabasshe has a kind-hearted, sunny nature
    saulains skatienssunny (= kindhearted, cheerful, optimistic) look
  5. (figuratively) sunny (optimistic, positive, happy, promising)
    saulains garastāvoklissunny (= positive, optimistic) mood
    saulaina nākotnesunny future


Derived terms[edit]