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select +‎ -or



selector (plural selectors)

  1. Someone or something which selects or chooses different options.
    • 1949, Billboard (volume 61, number 34, page 97)
      There is one selection for hot chocolate. All selectors are the push button type.
    1. (cricket) An administrator responsible for selecting which players will play for a side.
    2. (Internet) A matching expression in a stylesheet determining which elements in the markup are affected by a style.
    3. (Internet) A text string transmitted to a Gopher server, identifying the resource to be retrieved.
    4. (computing) A pointer to a structure describing a segment of memory.
      • 1990, Byte (volume 15, issues 11-13, page 256)
        Phar Lap executables [] provide a protected-mode selector, 34h, that maps to the first megabyte of physical memory.
      • 1995, Lary L. Myers, ‎Keith Weiskamp, Amazing 3-D games adventure set (page 235)
        You will only have to be concerned with DPMI, selectors, and such, if you use Borland C++ in DOS.

Derived terms[edit]




selector m (plural selectores)

  1. selector