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select +‎ -or



selector ‎(plural selectors)

  1. Someone or something which selects or chooses different options.
    1. (cricket) An administrator responsible for selecting which players will play for a side.
    2. (Internet) A matching expression in a stylesheet determining which elements in the markup are affected by a style.
    3. (Internet) A text string transmitted to a Gopher server, identifying the resource to be retrieved.
    4. (computing) A pointer to a structure describing a segment of memory.
      • 1990, Byte (volume 15, issues 11-13, page 256)
        Phar Lap executables [] provide a protected-mode selector, 34h, that maps to the first megabyte of physical memory.
      • 1995, Lary L. Myers, ‎Keith Weiskamp, Amazing 3-D games adventure set (page 235)
        You will only have to be concerned with DPMI, selectors, and such, if you use Borland C++ in DOS.


Derived terms[edit]