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semantic network (plural semantic networks)

  1. (linguistics) A graph whose vertices represent concepts and edges represent semantic relations, such as synonymy—having very similar meaning, hyponymy—being a subclass, or meronymy—being a part of a whole.
    Synonym: semantic net
    • 2018, Clarence Green; James Lambert, “Advancing disciplinary literacy through English for academic purposes: Discipline-specific wordlists, collocations and word families for eight secondary subjects”, in Journal of English for Academic Purposes, volume 35, →DOI, page 110:
      The lists capture related concepts, lexico-grammar, and semantic networks (e.g. hyponyms, synonyms, antonyms).
  2. (advertising) A quantitative research technique that analyzes the data in a control cell against a test cell to determine how viewing an ad strengthens the linkages between related ideas in a product category.
    Our semantic network results showed that the phrase “good cooks use it” in our commercials was increasing sales because it made people think “fresh” and “taste” which are two of our key attributes.
  3. (marketing) A quantitative research technique used to develop “selling pathways” to motivate sales.

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