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From Middle English servitour, from Latin servītor, from Latin servīre, present active infinitive of serviō (I serve).


  • IPA(key): /ˈsɜr.vɪ.tər/, /ˈsɜr.vɪ.tɔr/
  • AHD: /sûr'vĭ-tôr'/


servitor (plural servitors)

  1. one who performs the duties of a servant.
  2. one who serves in an army; a soldier.
  3. an undergraduate who performed menial duties in exchange for financial support from his college, particularly at Oxford University


  • 1884, W.S. Gilbert, Princess Ida
    "You'll find no sizars here, or servitors/or other cruel distinctions meant to draw/a line 'twixt rich and poor"
  • 1919, Ronald Firbank, Valmouth, Duckworth, hardback edition, page 22
    The servitors waxed silent, each lost in introspection, until the rattle of the Valmouth cab announced the expected guest.