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Sirpis (1)
Mēness sirpis (2)


From Proto-Baltic *serp-, from Proto-Indo-European *ser- (crooked tree, hook, sickle) with an extra suffix p. Cognates include Proto-Slavic *sьrpъ (Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian серп (serp), Bulgarian сърп (sǎrp), Czech srp, Polish sierp, Upper Sorbian serp, Sanskrit सृणि (sṛṇi), Ancient Greek ἅρπη (hárpē), Latin sarpō (to cut vines), Hittite 𒊬𒉺 (šarpa-, farming tool).[1]


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sirpis m (2nd declension)

  1. sickle (hand tool with a semicircular blade used for cutting grass, cereals, etc.)
    sirpis un āmurshammer and sickle (Communist symbol)
    no rīta noskrien septiņas verstis līdz kunga druvai, ar sirpi nopļauj pūrvietu rudzuin the morning she ran seven leagues to get to (her) lord's corn fields, (and) with a sickle she mowed the rye
  2. crescent (an object or arrangement, especially the moon, in the form of a sickle, with tapering extremities), a moonsickle
    mēness sirpismoon crescent (lit. moon sickle)
    katrā mēnesī ir tikai viena pati reize, kad vakarstundā rietumu debesīs parādās jaunā mēness tievais un smailais sirpisevery month there is only one time when, at night, in the western sky, the thin, pointed crescent (sickle) of the new moon appears


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