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Etymology 1[edit]

snack +‎ bar


snackbar ‎(plural snackbars)

  1. Alternative form of snack bar
    • 1967, The federal reporter - Volume 370, page 207:
      On February 1, 1964, while the Council and the Clerks were thus engaged, inter alia, in negotiating wage rates for the unrepresented snackbar employees on a multiemployer basis, the Joint Board, on behalf of affiliated unions representing culinary workers in the Los Angeles area, entered into an exclusive bargaining contract with Boy's covering all snackbar workers of Boy's in four stores in Los Angeles County.
    • 1989, Roy Bongartz, Frommer's Dollarwise Southwest, Including New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado, 1989-1990, ISBN 0130485543, page 272:
      There is a dining room with southwestern dishes on the menu, a beauty and barber shop, newsstand, coffeeshop, gift shop, snackbar, and coin laundry.
    • 2002, Dr. Gene Atkinson, Orangeburg, ISBN 1439629137, page 1949:
      In that day the pavilion consisted of an enclosed ground floor with a snackbar and restrooms, while the upper floor was an open air, roofed dance floor.
    • 2005 May 4, Max Planck Society, “Anammox Bacteria Produce Nitrogen Gas In Oceans' Snackbar”, in Science Daily:
      The Benguela current system leads to upwelling of nutrient-rich cold water off the coast of Namibia and acts as a kind of snackbar in the tropical ocean, which is visited by many animals including giant whales.
  2. (graphical user interface) A component on the Android operating system that displays a panel of buttons from which users can select how to proceed.
    • 2015 September 24, Cody Toombs, “Chrome Dev For Android Now Shows A Snackbar For Completed Downloads”, in Android Police:
      Users can now look forward to seeing a snackbar open up each time a download completes.
    • 2015 September 25, Taha Qureshi, “Android Chrome Dev. Shows A 'Snackbar' When Downloads Complete”, in Tech News Today:
      Chrome Dev. on Google's own Android platform received a new update where users would be able to see a snackbar when downloads complete.
    • 2015 December 4, “Google Chrome 47 for Android Brings Download 'Snackbar' and More”, in NDTV:
      Chrome 47 for Android now shows a snackbar at the bottom of the screen whenever a download has been completed.

Etymology 2[edit]

From "Aloha snack bar", a comical rendering of Allahu akbar ("God is most great") from Arabic.

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Alternate forms[edit]


snackbar ‎(plural snackbars)

  1. (offensive) An Islamic terrorist.
    • 2015 August 22, Zank Frappa, “ISIS Destroys Ancient Syrian Monastery of Mar Elian - Comments”, in Breitbart News:
      Give the snackbars a break, they're just renovating so it looks like the rest of the country.
    • 2015 October 12, James, “Illegal Immigrant Shooting: Afghan Males Hunted By Police After Firing At Member Of The Public - Comments”, in (Please provide the title of the work):
      If the adi wadi snackbars decide to start tearing the country apart and chopping off heads on street corners there won't be a lot that any of us can do about it will there?
    • 2015 December 14, Lance Bakore, “Chicago's non-Muslim school girls wear hijab to promote acceptance of islamic beliefs - Comments”, in The Siasat Daily:
      Haven't seen a lot of non-Aloha Snackbars committing mass shootings and making themselves suicide bombers while chanting the Torah or the Bible recently either, smart-ass.




Borrowing from English snack bar.


snackbar m ‎(plural snackbars, diminutive snackbarretje n)

  1. snack bar