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sotilas +‎ arvo



  1. military rank

Usage notes[edit]

The military rank system varies between countries and it is not always straightforward to translate names of individual ranks into other languages. The Finnish rank system and the official translations into English are listed below. A wider scope to the topic: Comparative military ranks.

Army / Air Force Navy
Finnish English Finnish English
kenraali general amiraali admiral
kenraaliluutnantti lieutenant general vara-amiraali vice admiral
kenraalimajuri major general kontra-amiraali rear admiral
prikaatikenraali brigadier general lippueamiraali commodore
eversti colonel kommodori captain
everstiluutnantti lieutenant colonel komentaja commander
majuri major komentajakapteeni lieutenant commander
kapteeni captain kapteeniluutnantti lieutenant senior grade
yliluutnantti senior lieutenant yliluutnantti lieutenant
luutnantti lieutenant luutnantti lieutenant junior grade
vänrikki second lieutenant aliluutnantti sub-lieutenant
Non-commissioned officers
sotilasmestari chief warrant officer sotilasmestari chief warrant officer
vääpeli warrant officer pursimies chief petty officer
ylikersantti staff sergeant ylikersantti petty officer first class
kersantti sergeant kersantti petty officer second class
alikersantti corporal alikersantti petty officer third class
Rank and file
korpraali lance corporal ylimatruusi able seaman
sotamies/lentosotamies private/airman matruusi seaman

The privates are always addressed by their branch-specific address such as jääkäri, viestimies, pioneeri, tykkimies.


Inflection of sotilasarvo (Kotus type 1/valo, no gradation)
nominative sotilasarvo sotilasarvot
genitive sotilasarvon sotilasarvojen
partitive sotilasarvoa sotilasarvoja
illative sotilasarvoon sotilasarvoihin
singular plural
nominative sotilasarvo sotilasarvot
accusative nom. sotilasarvo sotilasarvot
gen. sotilasarvon
genitive sotilasarvon sotilasarvojen
partitive sotilasarvoa sotilasarvoja
inessive sotilasarvossa sotilasarvoissa
elative sotilasarvosta sotilasarvoista
illative sotilasarvoon sotilasarvoihin
adessive sotilasarvolla sotilasarvoilla
ablative sotilasarvolta sotilasarvoilta
allative sotilasarvolle sotilasarvoille
essive sotilasarvona sotilasarvoina
translative sotilasarvoksi sotilasarvoiksi
instructive sotilasarvoin
abessive sotilasarvotta sotilasarvoitta
comitative sotilasarvoineen

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