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sun letter ‎(plural sun letters)

  1. (linguistics) One of fourteen Arabic letters that cause the "L" of a preceding definite article to be assimilated in pronunciation. The sun letter suppresses the sound of the "L" and then geminates: al + ṣīn = aṣ-ṣīn. The effect of the sun letter is limited to pronunciation and does not affect the spelling, except that a shadda may be written over the sun letter and in the fully vocalised spelling lām lacks any diacritics: الصِّين ‎(aṣ-ṣīn). The fourteen sun letters are:
ت ‎(t), ث ‎(), د ‎(d), ذ ‎(), ر ‎(r), ز ‎(z), س ‎(s), ش ‎(š), ص ‎(), ض ‎(), ط ‎(), ظ ‎(), ل ‎(l), ن ‎(n)



Usage notes[edit]

  • In Moroccan and Levantine Arabic, ج ‎(j) is also considered a sun letter, and assimilates with the definite article, as it is pronounced /ʒ/, not /dʒ/.