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From tea +‎ room. In reference to a lavatory, probably as a variant of t-room ("toilet room").


tearoom (plural tearooms)

  1. A café which serves tea, usually with light food.
  2. (euphemistic, slang) A public lavatory, particularly (US gay slang, dated) as a meeting place for homosexual men.
    • 1970, Laud Humphreys, Tearoom Trade.
    • 1973, Deep Dick, Ch. ii, p. 21:
      I'm deathly afraid of the tearooms though, John. Some of my best friends have been entrapped and busted by the fuzz.
    • 1975, Hard-Headed Dick, Ch. iii, p. 39:
      I had run into Grant in a tea-room—The busy main floor crapper—a few months earlier.
    • 2014, A Cultural Encyclopedia of the Penis, p. 216:
      The euphemistically named "tea room" has been used in sexual subcultures among men who have sex with men (MSM) to describe public sex environments, usually public toilets, where men meet other men in sexual interaction... The term itself might be outdated...
  3. (Australia) A room in a workplace set aside for tea breaks, lunch breaks, snacking, etc.; a break room.