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Alternative forms[edit]


Sino-Vietnamese word from .




  1. holy; sacred
    nước thánhholy water
  2. (Southern Vietnam, informal) naive or deluded
    Mày thánh quá! Nghĩ sao đứa ngu như nó mà làm được bài này!?
    How the hell do you think a dumbass like him could ever pull this one off!?

Derived terms[edit]

Derived terms


(classifier vị) thánh

  1. (chiefly Confucianism) a sage
  2. (mythology, religion) a saint
    Thánh Phan-xi-côSaint Francis
  3. (Southern Vietnam, informal) a person who is considered the pinnacle of stupidity due to their recent actions
    Kêu hai thánh đó ra dùm tui dới!
    Get me those two idiots now!

Usage notes[edit]

Only used for actual saints. For places named after saints, use the corresponding French transcription Xanh instead, e.g., Xanh Luy-xi (Saint Lucia, from French Sainte Lucie). Informally, Xăng may also be used, e.g., Xăng Phăng (San Francisco).

Related terms[edit]