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thunder +‎ clap


thunderclap (plural thunderclaps)

  1. A sudden, loud thunder caused by a nearby lightning strike; a shock of thunder, as opposed to a reverberating rumble

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thunderclap (third-person singular simple present thunderclaps, present participle thunderclapping, simple past and past participle thunderclapped)

  1. (intransitive) To produce a loud burst of sound like a thunderclap.
    • 2000, Arelo C. Sederberg, Zora (page 309)
      It struck just before dark, a massive black geyser of oil and gas that thunderclapped from the well, soaring a hundred feet into the air and then even higher, []
    • 2003, Kathryn Shay, Against the Odds (page 118)
      So many sensations — the feel of his strong fingers gripping her shoulders, his heart thunderclapping in his chest, his legs and hips aligned with hers, as if the two of them had been fashioned out of the same block of clay.

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