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T-handle wrench with integral tommy bar as the handle; the grooves in the bar serve the ball detent to keep the bar in place. A socket and extension are attached.


tommy bar (plural tommy bars)

  1. (engineering, machining) A cylindrical iron or steel bar used as a lever; thus:
    1. A short bar put through the hole in a socket spanner or box spanner to provide leverage.
    2. A bar used to loosen or tighten some types of chucks and tool holders on machine tools such as lathes or milling machines.
      A set of two tommy bars is the standard tooling for the spindle nose threads of some minilathes and minimills.


See also[edit]

  • (tool containing an integral tommy bar): T-handle
  • (tool involving an analogous male cylindrical portion): pin spanner
  • (hooked bars, differentiated from tommy bars): crowbar, prybar, jimmy

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