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From Middle English toppor, equivalent to top +‎ -er.



man wearing a topper

topper (plural toppers)

  1. Something that is on top.
    • 2009 January 26, Cameron Adams, “Sniffer dogs have their Big Day Out”, in Herald Sun[1]:
      UK act the Prodigy will headline the Boiler Room, with chart toppers the Ting Tings playing at 2.15pm on the green stage.
    • 1999, John Yeoman, Self Reliance: A Recipe for the New Millennium (page 55)
      Chicken livers, of course, can also be gently fried, mashed in butter, and spread as a toast topper.
  2. A top hat.
    • 1980, Bill Oddie, Bill Oddie's Little Black Bird Book, page 61:
      This is another area in which it's hard to tell the dude from the twitcher, as ratting caps and deerstalkers, flying helmets and even toppers are considered acceptably eccentric.
  3. Something that exceeds those previous in a series, as a joke or prank.
  4. (chiefly US) A short outer jacket worn by women or children.
  5. A soft, relatively thin, piece of padding placed on top of a mattress, or forming the upper layer of a mattress.
  6. (India) The student who achieves the highest score in an examination.
  7. (colloquial) The head or chief of an organization.
    • 1953, August 29, Billboard (page 4)
      Cooley currently is ironing out details of the proposed kinescoping with Klaus Landsberg, topper at KTLA, over whose facilities the hour-long show has been telecast []
  8. A person or tool that cuts off the top of something.
    • 1980, Barry Targan, Kingdoms (page 24)
      At first, in the pines, he had worked as a topper in his strong and boldest days, walking up the trees two hundred feet []
    • 2007 October 14, Amanda Hesser, “2000: Le Bernardin’s Croque-Monsieur”, in New York Times[2]:
      The only problem is that the best egg toppers, which are different from egg cutters, are an investment — the Inox professional egg topper is $55 at .
  9. One who tops steel ingots.
  10. A single-handed dinghy, 11 foot (3.6 metres) in length, with only one sail.
  11. A three-square float, or file, used by comb-makers.
  12. (dated, slang) Tobacco left in the bottom of a pipe bowl; so called from being often taken out and placed on top of the newly filled bowl.
    • 1875, E. R. Billings, Tobacco (page 189)
      One man was faithful to his pipe, and kept / Despair and deeper misery at bay, / By seeking ever for a "topper," dropped / From some spurned pipe, but that he could not find; []
  13. (dated, slang) A fine or remarkable thing or person.
  14. A small secondary comic strip seen along with a larger Sunday strip, and usually by the same author.

Derived terms[edit]

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From top +‎ -er.



topper m (plural toppers)

  1. Someone or something excellent; a belter, a ripper.

Norwegian Bokmål[edit]


topper m

  1. indefinite plural of topp