tourist trap

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Alternative forms[edit]


tourist trap (plural tourist traps)

  1. (derogatory) An establishment, such as a shop or display, where tourists are encouraged to spend money on goods or services not necessarily of good value.
    • 1900, Grant Allen, chapter 1, in Linnet[1]:
      As for Will Deverill, less critical of Nature’s handicraft, he found the inns over-civilised; the Post and the Bräu were too fine for his taste: they had come thus far in search of solitude and Alpine wilds, and they lighted instead on a sort of miniature Grindelwald, with half-a-dozen inns, a respectable café, experienced (or in other words extortionate) guides, and a regular tourist-trap for the sale of chamois-horns and carved models of châlets.
    • 1911, Charles Neville Buck, chapter XX, in The Lighted Match[2]:
      For fifteen minutes they walked morosely and in silence through the steep streets where the shops are tourist-traps, alluringly baited with corals and trinkets.


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