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  • IPA(key): /ˈtrat.t͡ʃa/
  • Rhymes: -attʃa
  • Hyphenation: tràc‧cia

Etymology 1[edit]

Deverbal of tracciare (to mark out”; “to sketch).


traccia f (plural tracce)

  1. trace
    1. sign, track, footstep, trail, mark
      Hyponyms: impronta, orma, pedata, pesta, segno, striscia, scia, linea, riga, graffio, solco, tacca, macchia, pista
    2. vestige, remnant
      Synonym: vestigio
    3. hint, clue
      Synonyms: accenno, pista, indizio, spia, sintomo, segnale, testimonianza
    4. (mathematics) the sum of the diagonal elements of a square matrix
    5. (astronomy) luminositytemperature relationship between stars
      traccia di HayashiHayashi track
  2. sketch or blueprint
    Synonym: schizzo
    1. outline, plan, guideline
      Synonyms: abbozzo, bozza, schema, tracciato, canovaccio, guida, scaletta, appunti
    2. plot (course of a story)
      Synonym: trama
  3. chase (trench or channel for encasing)
  4. (music) track
  5. (computing) track (circular data storage unit)
  6. (literary) path
  7. (literary) line (sequence of people)
Related terms[edit]

Etymology 2[edit]

See the etymology of the corresponding lemma form.



  1. inflection of tracciare:
    1. third-person singular present indicative
    2. second-person singular imperative