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un- +‎ comfortable



uncomfortable (comparative more uncomfortable, superlative most uncomfortable)

  1. Not comfortable; causing discomfort.
    The class squirmed and fidgeted in the uncomfortable new chairs.
    • 1918, W[illiam] B[abington] Maxwell, chapter XV, in The Mirror and the Lamp, Indianapolis, Ind.: The Bobbs-Merrill Company, →OCLC:
      Edward Churchill still attended to his work in a hopeless mechanical manner like a sleep-walker who walks safely on a well-known round. But his Roman collar galled him, his cossack stifled him, his biretta was as uncomfortable as a merry-andrew's cap and bells.
  2. Experiencing discomfort.
  3. Uneasy or anxious.
    Sharing a house with them made me uncomfortable.
  4. Put off or disgusted.

Usage notes[edit]

Although the word uncomfortable looks (etymonically) like one of its senses could be synonymous with inconsolable, it does not have that sense; the absence of that sense is simply a lexical gap. In parallel, the same is true of comfortable and consolable, as well as comfortability and consolability.



Derived terms[edit]


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