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verlossen ‎(past singular verloste, past participle verlost)

  1. To free (of something).
  2. To redeem.
  3. To attend the birth of an infant and provide postpartum care to the mother and her infant.


Inflection of verlossen (weak, prefixed)
infinitive verlossen
past singular verloste
past participle verlost
infinitive verlossen
gerund verlossen n
verbal noun
present tense past tense
1st person singular verlos verloste
2nd person sing. (jij) verlost verloste
2nd person sing. (u) verlost verloste
2nd person sing. (gij) verlost verloste
3rd person singular verlost verloste
plural verlossen verlosten
subjunctive sing.1 verlosse verloste
subjunctive plur.1 verlossen verlosten
imperative sing. verlos
imperative plur.1 verlost
participles verlossend verlost
1) Archaic.

Derived terms[edit]