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walk-up (not comparable)

  1. (of an apartment etc) reached by stairs rather than an elevator
  2. (of a block of apartments) containing such flats
  3. (of a service) for which no appointment is necessary; walk-in.


walk-up (plural walk-ups)

  1. (US) An apartment or block with stairs rather than an elevator.
    • 2010, Christopher Hitchens, Hitch-22, Atlantic 2011, p. 228:
      I became the tenant of a walk-up on East Tenth Street, on the north side of Tompkins Square, found for me by the seemingly omni-connected Ian McEwan []
  2. (aviation) An informal visit to a control tower by a pilot, typically used as part of pilot training.
  3. A mountain that can be climbed without specialist equipment.
  4. A customer who arrives without a reservation; a walk-in.
  5. An indoor or outdoor stand where food is sold to the public.
  6. Colaptes auratus, northern flicker.