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walk-in (not comparable)

  1. (of a place) that people may enter without a prior appointment
  2. (of a thief) that gains access through unlocked doors
  3. (of a defector etc) that walks into an embassy etc unannounced
  4. (US, of a cinema) not a drive-in
  5. (of a room) entered without an intervening passage


walk-in (plural walk-ins)

  1. a walk-in room or closet
  2. a walk-in defector etc.
    • 2007 April 10, "Who Killed Ashraf Marwan?," The New York Times (retrieved 18 September 2015):
      Still, a rapidly formed working group of Mossad wise men debated the risk in dealing with a walk-in, a volunteer who shows up bearing gifts."
  3. (parapsychology) A person whose original soul has departed the body and been replaced with another.
  4. A customer who visits a restaurant, hair salon, etc. without a reservation.
    • 1996, Kazuo Nishiyama, Welcoming the Japanese visitor: insights, tips, tactics (page 85)
      An astute manager will have a table or two set aside for important regular customers or demanding walk-ins.


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