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Low German[edit]


Ultimately from Proto-West Germanic *wurkijan. Cognate with English work.


  • IPA(key): /ˈva͡ɐkn̩/, [ˈvaːkŋ̩]


warken (past singular wark, past participle warkt, auxiliary verb hebben)

  1. to work
    1. Followed by in. Said of one's workplace (building), or one's department, or one's trade (sphere of business).
      • Ik wark in de Möhl. (I'm working in the mill.)
    2. Followed by as. Said of one's job title
      • Ik wark as en Fischer. (I'm working as a fisherman.)
    3. Followed by för. Said of a company or individual who employs.
      • Se warkt för Thomas. (She's working for Thomas.)
    4. Followed by mit. General use, said of either fellow employees or instruments or clients.
      • Ik wark mit Deerten. (I work with animals.)


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