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wrangle +‎ -er


wrangler (plural wranglers)

  1. Someone who wrangles or corrals.
  2. A brawler or disputant.
  3. (US) A cowboy who takes care of saddle horses.
    • 1907, Stewart Edward White, chapter 5, in Arizona Nights[1]:
      Even as I stretched my arms and shivered a little, the two wranglers threw down their tin plates with a clatter, mounted horses and rode away in the direction of the thousand acres or so known as the pasture.
  4. (US) A cowboy who takes care of tourists.
  5. An animal handler or trainer.
  6. (Britain, education, Cambridge University) A student who has completed the third year of the mathematical tripos with first-class honours.
  7. (US, education, New England, derogatory) A special education teacher.

Usage notes[edit]

In the Cambridge sense, the student taking the first place in the class is the senior wrangler, the second is the second wrangler, and so on.

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