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From the same Proto-Baltic stem *žuw- as zveja (fishing), made into a second conjugation verb (ending -ot). It probably replaced an earlier verb *žūt, directly derived from *žuw-; cf. Lithuanian žvejoti (to fish).[1]


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zvejot tr., 2nd conj., pres. zvejoju, zvejo, zvejo, past zvejoju

  1. to fish (to catch fish or other maritime animals (or also other maritime objects), with fishing tools, e.g., net, fishing rod, etc.)
    zvejot jūrā, ezerā, upēto fish in the sea, in a lake, in a river
    te mēs ar tīklu jedām zvejojām storesthere we fished sturgeon with a fishing net
    literatūrā ir norādes, ka arī Latvijā kādreiz zvejotas pērlesin the literature there are indications that also in Latvia pearls were once hunted (lit. fished)
  2. (colloquial) to fish (to remove something from a liquid)
    zvejot ar karoti biezumus no zupasto fish (= remove) lumps from the soup with a spoon
    kokus ar ķeksi zvejot laukā no ūdensto fish tree (trunks, timber) out of the water with a cant hook / boathook



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