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  • IPA(key): /ˈbijə/
  • Hyphenation: би‧я


бия (bíjaimpf

  1. (transitive, intransitive) to beat, to thrash (to hit repeatedly)
    В сиропиталището децата са били редовно бити. - At the orphanage the children were regularly beaten.
    Дъждът биеше по прозорците. - The rain was beating against the windows.
  2. (transitive, intransitive) to shoot (to hunt and kill animals)
  3. (intransitive) to fire, to shell (to shoot at)
  4. (transitive, intransitive) to beat, to ring, to throb (to strike or pound repeatedly, usually in some sort of rhythm)
    бия барабани - to beat drums
    Сърцето му все още бие. - His heart is still beating.
    Църковните камбани биха на Коледа. - The church bells rang at Christmas.
  5. (transitive) to whip, to whisk, to churn (to mix food in a rapid aerating fashion)
    бия белтъци - to whisk/whip egg whites
    бия мляко, за да направя масло - to churn milk in order to make butter
  6. (transitive) to strike (to hit or kick a ball)
    бия наказателен удар - to perform a penalty kick
  7. (transitive, intransitive) to beat, to win (to defeat somebody)
    Той ме би на шах. - He beat me at chess.
    Ян с лекота би Джон на тенис. - Jan had little trouble beating John in tennis.
  8. (intransitive) to try to say something in an indirect way
    Не разбирам на къде биеш. - I don't know what you're driving at.
  9. (intransitive, of a colour) to have a particular tint
    нещо бие на синьо - something has a bluish tint
  10. (intransitive) to shine very brightly and unpleasantly, blindingly
    Лампата бие в очите ми. - The lamp shines straight in my eyes./The light blinds me.