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(index la)


  • Hyphenation: las‧ke‧a
  • IPA(key): /ˈlɑskeɑ(ʔ)/



  1. (transitive) to lower, drop
  2. (transitive) to put down, set down, lay down
  3. (transitive) to lay (e.g. the foundation of sth)
  4. (transitive) (with adverbs or verbs) to let
    laskea sisään = to let in
    laskea ulos = to let out
    laskea karkuun = to let escape
    laskea menemään = to let go (concretely; not in the sense "to dismiss/give notice to/fire")
    laskea irti = to let loose
  5. (transitive) ~ liikkeelle/liikkeeseen = to release, put into circulation, issue
  6. (transitive) to (let) run, (let) flow
  7. (transitive) to count, tally (the number of sth)
  8. (transitive) to calculate, figure
  9. (transitive) to lower (e.g. prices), to decrease (the amount of sth)
  10. (transitive) (+ genitive-accusative + translative) to find, consider
    Lasken sen eduksi.
    I consider it an advantage.
  11. (intransitive) to fall, drop
  12. (intransitive) to lower (e.g. of prices), decrease (e.g. of the amount of sth)
  13. (intransitive, e.g. of a road or hill) to slope down, descend, drop off
  14. (intransitive) to slide (down; by using some vehicle or instrument)
    laskea kelkalla mäkeä = to slide downhill with a sled
    laskea suksilla mäkeä = to ski downhill
  15. (intransitive, of a river) to flow to a larger body of water
    Mississippi laskee Meksikon lahteen.
    The Mississippi flows into the Gulf of Mexico.
  16. (intransitive, of the Sun) to set




Derived terms[edit]