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Hindi verb set
बिकना (biknā)
बेचना (becnā)
बेचाना (becānā)
बिकवाना (bikvānā)


From Sauraseni Prakrit 𑀯𑁂𑀘𑁆𑀘𑀤𑀺 (veccadi), from Sanskrit *वेत्ययति (vetyayati), which was denominalised from one of the derivatives of the root वी (); compare Sanskrit वेति (véti, to procure), वेतन (vetana, wages; price).[1] The vecc ~ vikk (see बिकना (biknā), this is a suppletion) transitivity alternation is well-preserved throughout Indo-Aryan languages, so it must have occurred by the Middle Indo-Aryan stage.

Bloch[2] alternatively tied this term to Sanskrit व्ययति (vyayati, to expend, waste), from the root व्यय् (vyay), but this is phonologically (there is no clear source for -cc-) and semantically (only Marathi continues the "spend" meaning, which could be better explained as a specification from "sell") difficult.

Others[3] have tied to it Sanskrit विक्री (vikrī, to buy and sell) (the source of the vikk- forms in NIA), but this is also strange since palatalisation is not expected in every NIA reflex.

Cognate with Punjabi ਵੇਚਣਾ (vēcṇā) / ویچنا(vēcnā), Sindhi ويچَڻُ‎ / वेचणु (vecaṇu), Nepali बेच्नु (becnu), Gujarati વેચવું (vecvũ), Marathi वेचणे (veċṇe, to spend), Bengali বেচা (beca), Assamese বেসা (bexa).


बेचना (becnā) (transitive, Urdu spelling بیچنا‎)

  1. to sell (to agree to transfer goods or provide services)



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