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Hindi verb set
बिकना (biknā)
बेचना (becnā)
बेचाना (becānā)
बिकवाना (bikvānā)


Inherited from Sauraseni Prakrit 𑀯𑁂𑀘𑁆𑀘𑀤𑀺 (veccadi), from Sanskrit *वेत्ययति (vetyayati), which was denominalised from one of the derivatives of the root वी (, to go; to impel; to get); compare Sanskrit वेति (véti, to procure), वेतन (vetana, wages; price).[1] The vecc ~ vikk (see बिकना (biknā), this is a suppletion) transitivity alternation is well-preserved throughout Indo-Aryan languages, so it must have occurred by the Middle Indo-Aryan stage.

Bloch[2] alternatively tied this term to Sanskrit व्ययति (vyayati, to expend, waste), from the root व्यय (vyaya), but this is phonologically (there is no clear source for -cc-) and semantically (only Marathi continues the "spend" meaning, which could be better explained as a specification from "sell") difficult.

Others[3] have tied to it Sanskrit विक्री (vikrī, to buy and sell) (a compound of वि- (vi-) + क्री (krī); the source of the vikk- forms in NIA), but this is also strange since palatalisation is not expected in every NIA reflex.

Cognate with Punjabi ਵੇਚਣਾ (vecṇā) / ویچنا (vecnā), Sindhi ويچَڻُ / वेचणु (vecaṇu), Nepali बेच्नु (becnu), Gujarati વેચવું (vecvũ), Marathi वेचणे (veċṇe, to spend), Bengali বেচা (beca), Assamese বেচা (besa).


बेचना (becnā) (transitive, Urdu spelling بیچنا)

  1. to sell (to agree to transfer goods or provide services)



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बेचना (becnā)

  1. to play, dance, amuse oneself
    Synonym: अस्सना (assanā)


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