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From Sanskrit आत्मन् (ātman).



आप (āp) (Urdu spelling آپ)

  1. you (formal, polite and grammatically plural)
  2. your Honor, your worship (reverential usage, see Usage Notes)


Declension of आप
direct आप (āp)
indirect आप (āp)
ergative आपने (āpne)
genitive आपका (āpkā)
dative आपको (āpko)

Usage notes[edit]

  • आप (āp) is the most formal way of expressing "you" in Hindi and is used when addressing elders or those higher in social status. Because less formal forms could offend others, आप (āp) is the safest way to express "you" unless there is reason to be less formal.
  • Because आप (āp) is grammatically plural (adjectives and verbs etc affected by it take their plural forms) even when there is only one person being referred to, the term आप लोग (āp log) (literally: you people) can be used to specify that more than one person is being referred to because of T-V distinction.

See also[edit]

  • तुम (tum) (mid level formality, grammatically plural)
  • तू () (complete lack of human formality, grammatically singular)


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Alternative forms[edit]


आप ?

  1. water