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U+C559, 앙
Composition: + +
Dubeolsik input:d-k-d

Hangul Syllables


Etymology 1[edit]

씨 ←→ 애



  1. A Hangul syllabic block made up of , , and .

Etymology 2[edit]

Of native Korean origin.



  1. Used to represent the sound of a baby crying

Etymology 3[edit]

Reading of various Chinese characters.



  1. : center
    (eumhun reading: 가운데 (gaunde ang), MC reading: (MC ʔɨɐŋ))
  2. : look up to
    (eumhun reading: 우러를 (ureoreul ang), MC reading: (MC ŋɨɐŋX, ŋɨɐŋH))
  3. : begrudge
    (eumhun reading: 원망할 (wonmanghal ang), MC reading: (MC ʔɨɐŋX, ʔɨɐŋH))
  4. : deep
    (eumhun reading: 깊을 (gipeul ang), MC reading: (MC ʔɨɐŋ, ʔɑŋX))
  5. : bright
    (eumhun reading: 밝을 (balgeul ang), MC reading: )
  6. : ill fortune
    (eumhun reading: 재앙 (jaeang ang), MC reading: (MC ʔɨɐŋ))
  7. : rice shoot
    (eumhun reading: (mo ang), MC reading: (MC ʔɨɐŋ, ʔɨɐŋX))
  8. : basin
    (eumhun reading: 동이 (dong-i ang), MC reading: (MC ʔɑŋX, ʔɑŋH))
  9. : mandarin duck
    (eumhun reading: 원앙 (wonang ang), MC reading: (MC ʔɨɐŋ, ʔɑŋ))