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Etymology 1[edit]

Inherited from Latin -(i)ēbam (first person) and -(i)ēbat (third person).



  1. suffix indicating the first-person singular imperfect indicative of -er and -ir verbs
  2. suffix indicating the third-person singular imperfect indicative of -er and -ir verbs

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Etymology 2[edit]


-ía f (plural -ías)

  1. forms nouns, from adjectives, denoting states, conditions and qualities; -ness; -ity; -y; -hood
    alegre (joyful) + ‎-ía → ‎alegría (joy)
    Synonyms: -idad, -ción
  2. (medicine) forms the names of medical conditions; -y; -ia
    acéfalo (acephalous) + ‎-ía → ‎acefalía (acephaly)
  3. forms the names of offices or jobs; -ship
    alcalde (governor) + ‎-ía → ‎alcaldía (the job or office of a governor)
    Synonyms: -ado, -ato
  4. (geography) forms the names of places from their inhabitants; -ia
    araucano (Araucanian) + ‎-ía → ‎Araucanía (Araucania)

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