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Old English[edit]


From Proto-Germanic *-atjaną, *-itjaną, *-utjaną (verbal suffix), from Proto-Indo-European *-dy- (verbal suffix). Cognate with Old High German -azzen (German -ezen), Gothic -𐌰𐍄𐌾𐌰𐌽 (-atjan), Ancient Greek -άζειν (-ázein), -ίζειν (-ízein). More at -ize.




  1. used to form verbs from nouns or adjectives (compare English -ate, -ize), frequently having a causative force.
    bōtettan "to remedy, cure", from bōt "remedy, cure"
    lēaslīcettan "to dissemble, be false", from lēaslīc "false"
    lāþettan "to loathe; make loathesome", from lāþ "hatred, hostility; loathesome"
  2. verbal suffix denoting frequency or intensification
    blīcettan "to glitter", from blīcan "to shine"
    hlēapettan "to jump up", from hlēapan "to jump, leap"