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Old English[edit]

Alternative forms[edit]


From Proto-Germanic *gawją, *gawjō, *gawô (country, region, environment), from Proto-Indo-European *ghaw- (wasteland, area surrounding a thorp). Akin to Old Saxon -gā, -gō (district), Old Dutch -gauua, -gō, -gōie (region).


-ġē f

  1. Suffix used to denote a region or territory
    ǣlġē (eel-country)
  2. Suffix used in placenames meaning region of, or district of
    Sūþrīeġ, Sūþrīġe (Surrey", lit. "Southerly District)
    Scōnīeġ, Scōnēġ (Skaane)


  • -y, -ey found in some English placenames