Appendix:Sanskrit roots

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Sanskrit (verb) root in its dictionary order. This is an incomplete list.

Root Meaning Lemma
अस् (√as) to be
अस् (√as) to throw
अह् (√ah) to say
आप् (√āp) to arrive, to obtain
(√i) to go
कन् (√kan) to be pleased, to enjoy
कृ (√kṛ) to make
क्रम् (√kram) to stride
गम् (√gam) to go
गृध् (√gṛdh) to be greedy
चक्ष् (√cakṣ) to see
चर् (√car) to move
चित् (√cit) to perceive, to recognize
जन् (√jan) to give birth, to be born
जीव् (√jīv) to live
जॄ (√jṝ) to waste away, to grow old
ज्ञा (√jñā) to know
तॄ (√tṝ) to pass
त्रस् (√tras) to be afraid
दा (√dā) to give
धा (√dhā) to put
धृ (√dhṛ) to hold, to bear
नन्द् (√nand) to rejoice
नम् (√nam) to bend, to bow
पद् (√pad) to go
पृ (√pṛ) to pass
पॄ (√pṝ) to fill
पश् (√paś) to see
बुध् (√budh) to know, to wake
भज् (√bhaj) to divide, to share
भाष् (√bhāṣ) to speak
भास् (√bhās) to shine
भिक्ष् (√bhikṣ) to beg
भू (√bhū) to be, to become
मन् (√man) to think
मह् (√mah) to achieve, to be great
मंह् (√maṃh) to achieve, to be great
मृ (√mṛ) to die
मृज् (√mṛj) to wipe
राज् (√raj) to direct, to rule
रुध् (√rudh) to obstruct
लक्ष् (√lakṣ) to mark
लम्ब् (√lamb) to hang down, to depend
वच् (√vac) to speak
वा (√vā) to blow
विद् (√vid) to know
वृ (√vṛ) to cover, to surround
शक् (√śak) to be able
शप् (√śap) to curse
शम् (√śam) to be tired
शिक्ष् (√śikṣ) to learn
श्रु (√śru) to hear
सद् (√sad) to sit
सन् (√san) to gain
साध् (√sadh) to succeed
सिव् (√siv) to sew
स्कृ (√skṛ) to make (√kṛ)
स्था (√sthā) to stand
स्पृश् (√spṛś) to touch
हृ (√hṛ) to take