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CEO (countable and uncountable, plural CEOs)

  1. (countable) Initialism of chief executive officer.
  2. (UK, countable) Initialism of civil enforcement officer.
  3. (aviation) Acronym of current engine option.

Alternative forms[edit]

Related terms[edit]

chief executive officer
current engine option



CEO (third-person singular simple present CEOs, present participle CEOing, simple past and past participle CEOed)

  1. (intransitive, informal) To serve as the chief executive officer (CEO) of an organization or company.
    • 2018, Michael Andreoni, The Window Is a Mirror, Livonia, MI: BHC Press, →ISBN, page unknown:
      Daddy-David's answer was CEOing. He'd CEOed at three companies, most recently as head of an electronic sensor manufacturer. “He's completely turned them around in less than a year,” Lise trilled, “and never missed Friday afternoon Bible study.”
    • 2020 March 2, Matt Levine, “Twitter Owner Wants Full-Time CEO”, in Bloomberg[1]:
      “We’d like you to be our CEO,” the board would say, and the CEO would say “sounds great but I am also the CEO of another company, is that a problem,” and the board would say “yes of course that’s a problem, we meant you’d quit your other CEO job and work for us, that’s how CEOing works, []




Borrowed from English CEO.



CEO m, f (plural CEOs)

  1. (business) CEO; chief executive officer (highest-ranking corporate officer)
    Synonym: diretor executivo