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From the Classical Latin Mesopotamia, from the Koine Greek Μεσοποταμία ‎(Mesopotamía), a feminine substantive form of the adjective μεσοποτάμιος ‎(mesopotámios, between rivers), from the Ancient Greek μέσος ‎(mésos, between) + ποτᾰμός ‎(potamós, river) + -ιος ‎(-ios), so called because Mesopotamia is located between the rivers Euphrates and Tigris, used as a translation of the Classical Hebrew נַהֲרַיִם ‎(naharáyim), the dual form of נָהָר ‎(nahár, river).


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  1. A region in Southwest Asia spanning from the rivers Euphrates and Tigris that is the site of one of the most ancient civilizations in the history of man.
  2. The British Mandate of Mesopotamia, a League of Nations mandate from 1920 to 1932 that was the precursor to the independent state of Iraq.

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