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> U+003E, >
Basic Latin ?
U+FE65, ﹥

Small Form Variants
U+FF1E, >

Halfwidth and Fullwidth Forms
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  1. (mathematics) Greater than.
    Antonyms: (equivalent opposite) <, (inverse) ,
    for all x greater than three
    x is greater than three
  2. (linguistics) Which becomes (in diachronic changes only).
    Antonym: <
  3. (informal) A right-pointing arrow.
    Antonym: <
  4. (computing) Synonym of (indicates a series of steps to achieve a task in software)
    Go to File > Save As > CSV file > OK
  5. (computing) Indicates that the user is being prompted for input.
    c:\users\home\> (Command Prompt in Microsoft Windows)
  6. (Internet) Used in email, Usenet and some forums to indent the quoted message being replied to, or in plaintext to mimic this usage.
    >> What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
    > Mine's strawberry.
    I prefer chocolate.
  7. (Internet slang) Is better (than); is superior (to).
    cats > dogs (cats are better than dogs)
    dogs > cats (dogs are better than cats)
  8. See < > for uses of these symbols enclosing other characters.

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  1. (Internet slang) Used to quote a person, especially to emphasize what was said and make fun of the person.
    "i mean ubuntu is better than debian anyways, it's even the most mainstream version of desktop linux"
    "> ubuntu is better than debian"
  2. (Internet slang) Used to emphasize and make fun of (what the speaker assumes is) a person's inner thoughts.
    "and so i got a mac since they have less viruses [] "
    "> he thinks that macs are virus-free"
  3. (Internet slang) Used to emphasize and make fun of a person's actions.
    "so i opened up internet explorer, went to google, and looked it up [] "
    "> using internet explorer in 2020"
  4. (Internet slang) Used for storytelling in short, fragmented statements.
    ">be me"
    ">decide to buy CS:GO to see why it's so popular"
    ">get instantly spawnkilled in my first game"
    ">uninstall the game and demand a refund"
  5. (Internet slang) Used to signify enjoyment or appreciation of something (over everything else), often with many repetitions of the symbol.
    "effort >"
    "random hugs >>>>>"

Usage notes[edit]

The general practice of using > for quoting purposes dates back to its use on Usenet.

The definitions 1–4 above are often referred to as greentext, named after the green text color applied to quoted material in posts on 4chan, where this practice is common.