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Greater than sign.png
> U+003E, >
Basic Latin ?
U+FE65, ﹥

Small Form Variants
U+FF1E, >

Halfwidth and Fullwidth Forms




  1. (mathematics) Greater than, more than; used to show the number on the left has a greater value than the one on the right.
    for all x greater than three
    x is greater than three
  2. (computing) Synonym of (indicates a series of steps to achieve a task in software)
    Go to File > Save As > CSV file > OK
  3. (computing) Indicates that the user is being prompted for input.
    c:\users\home\> (Command Prompt in Microsoft Windows)
  4. (Internet) Used in e-mail, Usenet and some forums to indent the quoted message being replied to.
    >> What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
    > Mine's strawberry.
    I prefer chocolate.
  5. (Internet slang) Is better than; is superior to.
    cats > dogs (cats are better than dogs)
    dogs > cats (dogs are better than cats)
  6. (linguistics) which becomes.
  7. See < > for uses of these symbols enclosing other characters.



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  1. (Internet slang) Used to quote a person, especially to emphasize what was said and make fun of the person.
    "i mean ubuntu is better than debian anyways, it's even the most mainstream version of desktop linux"
    "> ubuntu is better than debian"
  2. (Internet slang) Used to emphasize and make fun of (what the speaker assumes is) a person's inner thoughts.
    "and so i got a mac since they have less viruses [] "
    "> thinks that macs are virus-free"
  3. (Internet slang) Used to emphasize and make fun of a person's actions.
    "so i opened up internet explorer, went to google, and looked it up [] "
    "> using internet explorer in 2019"