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& {conj} (abbreviation of and)  :: u.
100 percent {adj} (complete, whole) SEE: one hundred percent  ::
100 percent {adv} (completely, wholly) SEE: one hundred percent  ::
101 {adj} (basic, beginner-)  :: Einführung, Einmaleins {n}, für Anfänger {f}
12th {adj} (abbreviation of twelfth)  :: 12.
13th {adj} (abbreviation of thirteenth)  :: 13.
15 minutes of fame {n} (fifteen minutes of fame)  :: fünfzehn Minuten Ruhm
1920s {n} (the decade from 1920 to 1929) SEE: twenties  ::
1930s {n} (the decade from 1930 to 1939) SEE: thirties  ::
1940s {n} (the decade from 1940 to 1949) SEE: forties  ::
1950s {n} (the decade from 1950 to 1959) SEE: fifties  ::
1970s {n} (the decade from 1970 to 1979) SEE: seventies  ::
1980s {n} (decade 1980-1989)  :: 1980er
1990s {n} (nineties) SEE: nineties  ::
1992 {prop} (nineteen ninety-two (in words))  :: neunzehnhundertzweiundneunzig
1 Chronicles {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: 1 Chronik
1 Samuel {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: 1 Samuel
1st {adj} (abbreviation of first, see also: first)  :: 1.
1-up {n} (An item that grants the player an extra life in the game, staving off game over by one more try.)  :: 1-Up
20s {n} (the decade of the 1920s) SEE: twenties  ::
24/7 {adv} (abbreviation of twenty-four seven)  :: immerzu, rund um die Uhr
2 Chronicles {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: 2 Chronik
2CV {initialism} (deux chevaux)  :: Ente
2-dimensional {adj} (two-dimensional) SEE: two-dimensional  ::
2 Kings {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: 2 Könige
2-methylpropane {n} (isobutane) SEE: isobutane  ::
2nd {adj} (abbreviation of second, see also: second)  :: 2.
2 Samuel {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: 2 Samuel
30s {n} (the decade of the 1930s) SEE: thirties  ::
33 {n} (thirty-three) SEE: thirty-three  ::
3-dimensional {adj} (three-dimensional) SEE: three-dimensional  ::
3D printer {n} (device for making three-dimensional solid objects)  :: 3D-Drucker {m}, 3-D-Drucker {m}
3rd {adj} (abbreviation of third, see also: third)  :: 3., 3te, 3te
40s {n} (the decade of the 1940s) SEE: forties  ::
4/4 {n} (musical meter)  :: Viervierteltakt {m}
4-dimensional {adj} (four-dimensional) SEE: four-dimensional  ::
4th {adj} (abbreviation of fourth)  :: 4.
50s {n} (the decade of the 1950s) SEE: fifties  ::
5-hydroxytryptamine {n} (serotonin)  :: 5-Hydroxytryptamin {n}
5th {adj} (abbreviation of fifth)  :: 5.
60s {n} (the decade of the 1960s) SEE: sixties  ::
6th {adj} (abbreviation of sixth)  :: 6.
'70s {n} (the 1970s) SEE: seventies  ::
70s {n} (the decade of the 1970s) SEE: seventies  ::
'80s {n} (the 1980s) SEE: eighties  ::
80s {n} (the decade of the 1980s) SEE: eighties  ::
'90s {n} (nineties) SEE: nineties  ::
9/11 {prop} (The attack)  :: 11. September {m}
9 to 5 {n} (day job)  :: von neun bis fünf
œcumenic {adj} (ecumenical) SEE: ecumenical  ::
Žižkov {prop} (district of Prague)  :: Zischkaberg, Žižkow, Zizkow
Ōita {prop} (Oita) SEE: Oita  ::
Île-de-France {prop} (region)  :: Île-de-France {f}
-'s {particle} (possessive marker)  :: -s, des (der) [genitive; after the thing owned and before the owner], von [after the thing owned and before the owner]
-'s {suffix} (-s) SEE: -s  ::
Ōsaka {prop} (Osaka) SEE: Osaka  ::
Œting {prop} (a commune in France)  :: Ötingen
Ōtsu {prop} (Otsu) SEE: Otsu  ::
Świętochłowice {prop} (city in Poland)  :: Schwientochlowitz {n}
ǃXóõ {prop} (language)  :: ǃXóõ {n}
Żywiec {prop} (city in Poland)  :: Saybusch {}, Seipusch {}
İzmir {prop} (Izmir) SEE: Izmir  ::