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occurances of pronunciation section exceptions

  • from XML dump as of 31 March 2010, checked against live wiki 14 April 2010
  • see talk page for rules in effect
  • checks may not be perfect at this point
  • entries are not listed if AutoFormat would fix something, though perhaps not entirely
  • total AF will fix: 17
  • some entries are listed as "stops" and not shown
  • stops in effect: !Xũ, chê, hello
    from User:Robert Ullmann/Pronunciation exceptions/stops
  • specific strings flagged: ''(UK)'', ''(US)'', ''UK'', ''US'', * '', * (, * [[, //, <tt>, [[RP]], [[Rhymes:, [[WEAE]], [[rhymes:, [[w:, hymes:--, hymes|-, {{enPR|/, {|
  • "blank" IPA, SAMPA, etc (i.e. "* SAMPA: //") are not reported
  • 51 total problems, limit of 50 shown, remainder listed in User:Robert Ullmann/Pronunciation exceptions/remains

Please do section edit and remove completed entries, the automation will then recheck them. If you do most of a section but not quite all, feel free to just blank the section, any leftovers will get picked up again.