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cmn-4 該用戶能以地道普通話/國語進行交流。
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About Me

I'm a professional translator (Chinese into English), living in Xiamen, Fujian province, China. I hold a Masters in Translation Studies, and am currently completing my second Masters in Ancient Chinese History. I joined Wiktionary in 2009 and have been hooked ever since. I'm particularly interested in boosting the presence of Mandarin here.

Since 28 August 2016 I have been learning Korean as an 二外.

I'm an admin here, so if you have any questions or issues feel free to leave a message on my talk page.

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甄士隱夢幻通靈 賈雨村風塵閨秀。此開卷第一回也。作者自云曾歷過一番夢幻之後,故將真事隱去,而借「通靈」說此《石頭記》一書也,故曰「甄士隱」云云。但書中所記何事何人自己又云:今風塵碌碌一事無成,忽念及當日所有女子一一細考較去,覺其行止見識皆出我之上,我堂堂鬚眉,誠不若裙釵。我實愧則有餘,悔又無益,大無可如何之日也!當此日,欲將已往所賴天恩祖德錦衣紈袴之時,飫甘饜肥之日,背父兄教育之恩,負師友規訓之德,以致今日一技無成半生潦倒之罪,編述一集,以告天下。知我之負罪固多,然閨閣歷歷有人,萬不可因我之不肖自護己短,一并使其泯滅也。所以蓬牖茅椽繩床瓦灶,並不足妨我襟懷。況那晨風夕月,階柳庭花,更覺得潤人筆墨。我雖不學無文,又何妨用假語村言敷衍出來,亦可使閨閣昭傳,復可破一時之悶,醒同人之目,不亦宜乎?故曰「賈雨村」云云。更於篇中間用「夢」「幻」等字,卻是此書本旨,兼寓提醒閱者之意。

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