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Note This is a reference page that is meant to contain all possible Swedish adverbs whether common, rare, dialectal, archaic or teoretical. Learners of Swedish are strongly recommend to see the respective pages for accurate information about current and recommended usage.

Adverbs of cause[edit]

Answers the question varför? "why?".

Swedish English
därav thence
därför hence, so, therefore
därför att because
härav hence

Adverbs of comment[edit]

Provides a comment, or opinion about a situation.

Swedish English
lyckligtvis fortunately, luckily

Adverbs of degree[edit]

Answers the question hur mycket/många? "how much/many?".

Swedish English
mycken much
mycket much

Adverbs of direction[edit]

See also #Adverbs of location

Answers the question varifrån/vart? "where from/to?".

Swedish English
nordvart northward, northwards
norrut northward, northwards

Adverbs of frequency[edit]

Answers the question hur ofta? "how often?".

Swedish English
aldrig never
alltid always
emellanåt at intervals, at times, occasionally, sometimes
ibland sometimes
nästan aldrig hardly ever
ofta oft, often, frequently
sällan infrequently, seldom, rarely
vanligen generally, usually
vanligt usually
vanligtvis usually

Adverbs of location[edit]

See also #Adverbs of direction

Answers the question var? "where?".

Swedish English
norråt northward/northwards

Adverbs of manner[edit]

Answers the question hur? "how?".

Swedish English
dåligt badly, poorly
snabbt quickly

Adverbs of sequence[edit]

Sequences events in time.

Swedish English
därnäst next
därpå after that, afterwards, subsequently, then
efteråt afterwards
först first
sedan after that, afterwards, later, later on, then
sedermera afterwards, later on

Adverbs of time[edit]

See also #Adverbs of frequency
See also #Adverbs of sequence

Answers the question när? "when?".

Swedish English
i förfjol year before last
i fjol last year
igår yesterday
i morse this morning
idag today
i morgon bitti tomorrow morning
imorgon tomorrow
imorron tomorrow

Interrogative adverbs[edit]

Swedish English
hur how
när when
var where
varifrån whence, where from
vart whither, where to
varthän whither, where to
varför why

Introductory adverbs[edit]

Swedish English
där there
här here

Relative adverbs[edit]

Swedish English
dit where
där there
varefter whereupon
vari in which