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Word of the day for February 26
dressing room n
  1. A room used for dressing or changing clothes.
    1. A small room adjoining a domestic bedroom where people may dress or undress in privacy.
    2. A room in a theatre or other performance venue in which performers may change costumes and apply makeup.
    3. A changing room at a recreational or sports venue.
PointingHand.svg The 89th Academy Awards ceremony, at which Oscars will be given to recognize excellence in cinematic achievements in the United States film industry, takes place today in 2017.

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Although there were several early attempts to begin a Word of the Day on Wiktionary, the first official WOTD was posted on 10 January, 2006.

Considerable opposition to (the now wildly popular) WOTD was raised, as one full year's supply of words should be on hand, before it was turned on, on the Main Page. Instead, that took over a year to happen. The "Recycled pages" are the fall-back pointers, for when the current regime of two volunteers fall behind. At the end of each month, the "Archive" pages for the previous month are "subst:"ed for preservation and posterity.

In 2007, the RSS feed was created, then an alternate feed was later added. In July/August 2007, the WOTD was added to the mailing list.

To have the current WOTD delivered fresh to your electronic mailbox each morning, subscribe to daily-article-l. You'll also receive as part of this special package deal, the Quote of the Day from Wikiquote, the Article of the Day from Wikipedia, and a link to the Picture of the Day from Commons.

Also in early 2007, the entries started being marked with {{was wotd}} to prevent duplicates. And an alphabetic index was added (usually not including the current month.)

No informal nor formal "voting" process exists yet. The two primary volunteers use a lengthy set of criteria to ensure adequate variety for any given month's batch of WOTDs. Current entries go through an extensive vetting process before they finally make it into the spotlight.