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account to (third-person singular simple present accounts to, present participle accounting to, simple past and past participle accounted to)

  1. (transitive) To answer to; to be responsible to.
    I don't have to account to you for my actions.
    • 2004, Jeffrey Jensen Arnett, Emerging adulthood: the winding road from the late teens through the twenties, page 217:
      Now it's only me that I account to. No one's checking up on me, and anything I do has got to be up to me.
    • 2000, Elizabeth Adler, All Or Nothing, page 56:
      You are the one paying me, and you are the one I account to.
    • 2009, Chris Fujiwara, The World and Its Double: The Life and Work of Otto Preminger, page 65:
      Asked where she's been, June replies in an angry outburst, "Why must I account to you? I'm twenty-four. I'm tired of doing the same things every day!

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