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From Proto-Slavic *dati, from Proto-Balto-Slavic *dōˀtei, from Proto-Indo-European *deh₃- (to give).



дать (datʹpf (imperfective дава́ть)

  1. to give
  2. to let, to allow
    Дай мне порули́ть!Daj mne porulítʹ!Please allow me to drive!
  3. to organize, to create
    Как э́то ни стра́нно, а мы дади́м настоя́щий Восто́к в иску́сстве.Kak éto ni stránno, a my dadím nastojáščij Vostók v iskússtve.As strange as it seems, we'll conjure the true Orient in art. -Scriabin
  4. to hit, to strike, to clip, to give it to someone
    Я б ему́ так да́л за э́то!Ja b jemú tak dál za éto!I'd have given it to him for that!
  5. (slang, figuratively) to consent to sex
    А вот нафига́ вчера́ дала́ в пе́рвое же свида́ние?A vot nafigá včerá dalá v pérvoje že svidánije?And why did you have sex yesterday on the first date?

Usage notes[edit]

  • Negative forms with не (ne) feature alternative stress on the particle in standard Russian for masculine, neuter and plural forms past tense and past passive short participles: "не́ дал" and "не да́л", "не́ дало" and "не дало́", "не́ дали" and "не да́ли"; "не́ дан" and "не да́н", "не́ дано" and "не дано́", "не́ даны" and "не даны́".


Derived terms[edit]