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Alternative forms[edit]



же (že)

  1. (contrasting) and, but
  2. whereas, as for, as to


же (že)

  1. (emphasises identity) very, same
    тако́й же (са́мый)takój že (sámyj) ― the same, similar
    Я купи́л таку́ю же кни́гу.Ja kupíl takúju že knígu. ― I bought the same book.
    тот же (са́мый)tot že (sámyj) ― the same, identical
    Он всё тот же!On vsjó tot že! ― He's always the same!
    Э́то то́ же са́мое.Éto tó že sámoje. ― It's the same thing.
  2. (with expressions of time and order: emphasises promptitude) very, right, immediately, without delay
  3. (also ж (ž), makes an objection by pointing to an obvious fact) after all, but
  4. (also ж (ž), especially in questions: expresses consequence of or reaction to what was said before) then, so
  5. (also ж (ž), in questions and imperatives: imparts a note of insistence and urgency) ever, on earth, for goodness’ sake


же (žen (indeclinable)

  1. The Cyrillic letter Ж, ж.
  2. The Roman letter G, g, also called гэ.