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  • IPA(key): [pʲætʲ]
  • (file)

Etymology 1[edit]

Russian cardinal numbers
 <  4 5 6  > 
    Cardinal : пять (pjatʹ)
    Ordinal : пя́тый (pjátyj)

From Old East Slavic пѧть (pętĭ), from Proto-Slavic *pętь, ultimately from Proto-Indo-European *pénkʷe. Cognate with English five, German fünf, Italian cinque, French cinq, Greek πέντε (pénte), Persian پَنج(pænj), Sanskrit पञ्च (pañca).


пять (pjatʹ)

  1. five (5)
Usage notes[edit]

пять (pjatʹ) in the nominative case and accusative case governs the genitive plural of the noun. In other cases, it governs the corresponding plural case of the noun.

Coordinate terms[edit]
Derived terms[edit]
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Etymology 2[edit]


пять (pjatʹ)

  1. second-person singular imperative imperfective of пя́тить (pjátitʹ)


Rusyn cardinal numbers
 <  4 5 6  > 
    Cardinal : пять (pjatʹ)


From Old East Slavic пѧть (pętĭ), from Proto-Slavic *pętь.


пять (pjat')

  1. five (5)
    Дакому стачіть лем раз пояснити, і такой розумить, а дакому пять раз, і так не розумить.
    Dakomu stačitʹ lem raz pojasnyty, i takoj rozumytʹ, a dakomu pjatʹ raz, i tak ne rozumytʹ.
    Someone need to be explained only once, and he would understand it, and someone needs to be explained five times and he still does not understand.

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