двадцать два

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Russian cardinal numbers
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    Cardinal : два́дцать два́ (dvádcatʹ dvá)
    Ordinal : два́дцать второ́й (dvádcatʹ vtorój)


  • IPA(key): [ˈdvat͡s(ː)ɨdʲ ˈdva]


два́дцать два́ (dvádcatʹ dvá)

  1. twenty-two (22)

Usage notes[edit]

  • два́дцать два́ in the nominative and accusative case governs the genitive singular of the noun, although modifying adjectives are in the genitive plural (or alternatively and preferably, for feminine nouns, in the nominative plural). Unlike with bare два́ (dvá), there is no animate/inanimate distinction.
  • два́дцать два́ in other cases governs the appropriate plural case of the noun, with adjectives agreeing appropriately.


Coordinate terms[edit]